Medex is a medical transportation and medical courier services company which provides superior and specialized deliveries of sensitive materials, documents, biologics, capital equipment and medical instruments. MedEx provides quality and cost effective transportation especially when discrete service is of concern.

Elements Of A Successful Medical Courier

  • Urgent & punctual delivery
  • 100% strictly confidential, absolute privacy
  • All drivers certified by OSHA & HIPAA
  • Meticulous record keeping, including chain of custody and driver documentation

Each of these elements is important in its own way. Our staff makes every attempt to ensure that each aspect of the service we provide meets or exceeds what our clients expect from us.

Our Drivers

As safety, security, and dependability are key factors, MedEx drivers receive in-depth training, which covers diverse issues such as the safe and compassionate handling of our clients, to package security and confidentiality. The detailed background check of our drivers ensures the high level of quality service for which we strive.

We Promise driver professionalism because caring and qualified staff make the difference!

  • Certified Drug Free Work Place
  • D.O.T Approved Physical Exams
  • Uniforms & Picture ID Required
  • Background Check By
  • On Road & Defensive Driving Course Required
  • Package Security & Confidentiality Training Required
  • All Drivers Are Covered By Fidelity Bond

Our Mission

We understand our client’s need for secure, speedy, and reliable service. Our mission and philosophy is to provide high quality courier services to our clients with the utmost care. We also take pride in providing job opportunities for people in our community. Our MedEx team is an integral part of our commitment to our clients which is why we provide them with the training and tools necessary to achieve their goals.

We employ those with the professionalism and skills needed to demonstrate our belief in treating every client with as much value and respect as the first and last client. From the moment you contact us to the time you receive confirmation of delivery, our customer service reps work 24/7 to ensure our customers are always up-to-date on the status of their delivery and are overall satisfied with their order.

What Makes Us The Best?

Here’s just a few of the reasons we are considered the best same day delivery medical courier and messenger service in the Southern California region: 

  • Services are 100% confidential
  • We provide urgent & punctual delivery
  • We are PUC licensed and fully insured
  • All drivers are certified by OSHA & HIPAA
  • All drivers are HAZMAT trained and knowledgeable of all procedures and clean up protocols
  • We practice meticulous record keeping through chain of custody and driver documentation
  • We make it a priority to ensure that each aspect of the service we provide meets or exceeds our clients expectations