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Professionally Refurbished CT Systems

When you purchase refurbished equipment from RadSource, your satisfaction with the quality of the material is guaranteed. Our certified pre-owned equipment has been thoroughly inspected and renovated to provide tremendous value to your hospital or healthcare facility. Our staff appreciates the fact that your facility has a limited budget to work with for the purchase of imaging equipment- and we’ll go the extra mile to help you select the right equipment for your needs.

Lower costs is undoubtedly a prime benefit of choosing our professionally refurbished CT systems over new. You’ll save, on average, 40-80% versus buying new imaging equipment from the biggest names in medical equipment. Paying less for imaging systems will ensure you can afford names like Samsung, Fuji, Summit, or another quality name your facility might otherwise not be able to provide.

Refurbished equipment comes with a higher guarantee of quality versus used equipment. Choosing restored over ‘used’ equipment means you’ll get more for your money when looking at CT systems. Every product in our refurbished inventory has been gone over with a fine-toothed comb to guarantee the reliability and safety of the equipment.

We are pleased to offer our customers two of the most popular products in portable CT scanning: Samsung’s CereTom Portable Scanner and Samsung’s BodyTom Portable Scanner. If your facility is interested in an increased workflow and providing mobile CT imaging to patients at the bedside, there are no better products available on the market than Samsung’s CereTom and BodyTom scanners.

Feel free to read the specs on our Samsung professionally refurbished CT systems in our ‘Products’ section online or reach out to a product specialist from RadSource by phone at 866-680-3380. We’ll be happy to address your questions, and we’ll tell you why we believe buying your system from us would be the best decision your staff could make in providing quality imaging to your patients.

We strive to provide affordable options to medical facilities facing upgrades and new installations. In our effort to keep costs as low as possible, we often purchase used or out-dated equipment to offset costs. Let us know if you have equipment you’d like to sell or trade in and we’ll do our best to help you upgrade to the latest in imaging technology at the lowest price point.

Buying professionally refurbished CT systems is a great way to keep your facility eco-friendly while you upgrade to the latest imaging system. You can reduce your corporate footprint by deciding to buy refurbished- and our staff will be there at every step of the way to provide expert advice and assistance.

Browse our complete catalog of imaging equipment on our website or request a free catalog by calling our office at 866-680-3380. Consider us for all of your hospital or healthcare facility’s medical equipment. We carry top names in digital radiology equipment, Ultrasound, CT systems, PACS systems, Film Digitizers, and numerous other types of equipment.

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Professionally Refurbished CT Systems

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