Medical Equipment Courier

Do you have doubts or questions about our medical equipment courier services? Let us help you figure out how to use us for your pressing medical needs. We are here to deliver the best, most reliable services to you. 

Why am I going to need a medical courier service?

Couriers satisfy the need for parcel distribution where mailing just doesn’t cut it. Call us if you require a courier or messenger service involving various types of medical materials. We a medical equipment courier that transports any of the following items: confidential reports, medical transcripts, medical records, x-rays, biologics, lab supplies, and capital equipment. We offer the best medical transportation in Los Angeles.

What does a courier cost?

Depending on the package’s size and weight, what kind of transport you need, how fast you need the item shipped, and the distance between your pick up point and distribution point, the prices for our courier and delivery services can vary. Please email us or contact us for an exact quote.

How fast can you have my package delivered?

Our rush courier and delivery services will differ in terms of arrival time. We provide a rush service where we pick up the package, and it is shipped immediately by a courier without delays in between, typically delivered in less than 60 minutes. A 3-hour delivery, a 5-hour delivery, and a same-day delivery that will deliver the package by the end of the business day are other courier services we sell. For more information about the types of services we offer, just give us a call on 424.269.1313

Are you providing options for emergency couriers?

We sell STAT medication, surgical samples, medical samples, medical devices, and medical supplies in the United States. In a climate-controlled truck, both emergency courier delivery drivers still work and are fitted with blood and spill packs. We are familiar with government regulations such as HIPAA and OSHA, and when doing any medical courier and distribution, make sure to follow these regulations.

Do your drivers have a background in medical services?

Our drivers are certified by OSHA and HIPAA, and HAZMAT trained and knowledgeable of all procedures and clean-up protocols. They can handle medical emergencies that might occur in delivering their services. Non-emergency medical transportation has limited risks involved, but biologics such as blood samples need additional care. Our drivers can deal comfortably with such as we trained them and prepare them for such scenarios.

How does your quote for online distribution work?

Fill out your name, phone number, email, pace, the destination of pick up and delivery, and your delivery info, and within minutes we will get back to you with a quote.

What hours are you available and when are you going to make deliveries?

We know that not every order will come between regular business hours, but we are easily open 24/7 and we can make a delivery at any time of day or night.

Still got questions for us? Contact MedEx, SoCal’s best same-day delivery medical courier and messenger service: 424.269.1313. We are happy to help!