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The Healthcare industry is thriving, encouraging transferring of medical and lab samples fast and on time can be impactful. As its life or death matter, a courier service that is reliable and provides service on time should be trusted upon.

Handling, loading, and unloading medical equipment should be carried away with solace and put carefully in place. Medical outer packing obliged you to keep stuff in place with the specifications mentioned on it. Being fragile, heavy, or hazardous, medex courier service excels as a reputable Los Angeles medical transportation provider.


Q) What do you transport?

We specialized in the best medical transportation in Los Angeles. Medical supplies include:

  • Confidential reports
  • Medical records
  • Medical transcripts
  • X-rays Capital
  • equipment
  • Surgical trays
  • Biologics,
  • Lab supplies

These are just examples, we are trained to transport from very small to dangerous and heavy medical supplies with the right vehicle following safety protocols and on-time deliveries.

Q) What are the chances that I receive the wrong parcel?

There are no chances of something like this happening, thanks to our digital tracking devices which allow tracking every parcel step to step until it reaches the correct customers. From the pick-up point to the end-user we keep track of it eliminating the chances of error. Additionally, with the help of the GPS, digital barcodes, and scanners we make sure the client’s privacy and confidentiality which is our chief priority are highly retained.

Q) How strictly do you follow the deadline?

In the areas where we deliver, we are 100% committed to meet our deadline as we do realize the importance of on-time services, especially when in the medical arena. We are available 24/7 day and night to deliver on time. On emergency basics also we assure you to deliver the parcel as soon as possible.

Q) How far does your company travel?

We deliver our door-to-door services in the whole of southern California including San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Fernando, and San Diego, and every city along the way. We deliver to hospitals, labs, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, manufacturers, distributors, and research facilities in these areas.

Q) Do your drivers carry temperature-controlled coolers?

Yes, as we specialize in providing courier service of medical supplies, so we know the transportation of specimens is very particular to safeguard the integrity of the sample. We oversee everything from room temp to frozen. Medical logistics and pharmaceutical deliveries are dealt with with your packaging, temperature specifications all while upholding the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 tactic for specimen’s integrity.

Q) What type of vehicles does medex have?

Different types of medical supplies require different types of vehicles. From delicate to heavy loads of medical equipment we have vans and straight trucks with lift gates. Medex procures the resources for your company’s freight needs of all sizes. Seek our help for medical transportation services in LA and allow yourself exceptional logistical service to your company and your clients.

Q) Do we have to tip your driver?

No, our drivers are our employees who work in the office from time to time to know every factor of the delivery. They are trained professionals who have their mindset to serve their services in the interest of customers with punctuality and respect. They are trained to provide personalized service.

So if you’re looking for a non-emergency transportation service in LA, do not hesitate and contact medex. You will get your same day service on time, under knowledgeable and caring staff.

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